Rooted in Silicon Valley. Based in Poland.

Founded by a developer who’s seen the Silicon Valley struggle to find talent first-hand — and decided to fix it.

Piotrs founds Sofomo 2009

Established in 2009 after Piotr’s experience working in San Francisco.

A Silicon Valley problem in need of a global solution

Sofomo’s founder Piotr Schumacher got the inspiration for a new kind of offshore development company while working as a developer for a San Francisco-based startup in 2007.

Piotr witnessed first-hand how difficult it was for Silicon Valley tech companies to hire local developers and quickly scale their teams — and the inadequacy of low-value, “sweatshop”-style offshore vendors to meet their needs.

Piotr started Sofomo in 2009 with a big idea: to empower select, innovative companies in Silicon Valley and across the world with top-tier, fully dedicated development teams.

Since Sofomo’s launch, we’ve worked with startups, mid-tier, and enterprise companies. To find out how you could scale your team with top talent, contact us to get the ball rolling.

Leaders you can rely on 24/7

One in Poland, the other in San Francisco — Piotr and Robert are available 24/7 for Sofomo’s partner clients.

We’re tech junkies who love helping innovative companies (big and small) achieve their goals. Away from the office, Piotr is a snowboarding enthusiast who loves the Alps, while Robert can be found trying to survive San Francisco Bay Area’s waves.

Contact us to get to know us first-hand.

Founder, Poland
Director, San Francisco

Empowering companies like

"We are delighted to work with Sofomo on our web development projects. They have provided a team of highly capable engineers which has been a key enabler in our execution. The engineers are smart and detail-oriented. They take pride in their work and deliver on time and according to spec. Sofomo is a key partner to us in realizing our business goals."

Jim Conning
VP Engineering,


Empowering companies like Directly

"Sofomo has been instrumental in scaling our engineering team in a competitive Bay Area hiring market. Sofomo engineers supplement our local team, plugging directly into our agile development processes. I've been thrilled with the results. The engineers are top-notch, high performers and fit great with our team culture. I'm excited to have Sofomo as a partner in our continued growth."

Scott Golubock
Engineering Lead, Directly


Empowering companies like Bizzby

"Sofomo has helped us extend our internal capacity for projects required to start "yesterday". The Sofomo team has became our extended development team - the engineers are dedicated to our company, extremely capable and conscientious; they take initiative where needed and have worked with us not only in building new products but also improving our internal development processes."

Mica Vaipan
Chief Operating Officer, Bizzby


Empowering companies like Voyajoy

"Sofomo has been an amazing development partner for us. They built a development team for Voyajoy that is specifically aligned with our tech stack. Sofomo delivers fast and they are dedicated to our company's goals and success, which is incredibly important for a startup! We could not have gone from a startup idea to fully functional platform without Sofomo’s talented developers."

Ivan Thai
CTO & Co-Founder, Voyajoy