means together

By partnering with you closely from the start, we’ll get you up and running with the right developers without you breaking a sweat. Here’s what that looks like…


Sofomo developers become your teammates

Fully embedded

Your new engineers won’t just be in your code, they’ll be in your company and culture—inyourchannels,stand-ups, sprints and video calls. You’ll see them as part of your team because that’s exactly what they’ll be.

For as long as it takes

Sofomo devs buyintoyourvision and commit to your company for as long as you need them. They’re looking for a home, not a gig. So no need to worry about them disappearing.

exec level support

Sofomo’s leadership become your partners

When you hire Sofomo you don’t just get high-performing engineers, you get our foundingpartnerstoo. Our 15 years’ of experience is yours to use as much or as little as you’d like. We can support you with:

Onboarding and planning

Embedding devs in your team isn’t like hiring a plumber. We can oversee the process to ensure tight integration and immediate impact.

Adapting and scaling

Being close to you and your business means we’re on hand to help you make important changes quickly. From adjusting plans and processes to scaling your dev team.

And beyond

When we say partner we really mean it—strategic, technical, sometimes even emotional! Lean on us for deep domain knowledge, best practices and technical recommendations.

success stories
Globality chooses Sofomo for backend, frontend & QA engineers
Enterprise App
Globality is the world’s first AI-powered sourcing solution. $310 million in funding.
  • Backend Development: Successful development of multiple services including a complex template feature that spans across the app, GW, 3rd party services and requires knowledge convention and infrastructure knowledge. In addition, built numerous backend capabilties including geo-tagging and a function that enables consistency across the platform and project states.
  • Python
  • React
  • Cypress
High Five
Directly chooses Sofomo for full-stack developers
B2B App
Directly is an AI-powered B2B app that was recently acquired.
  • Backend Developmnet: Architecture design and microservices development in Node.js and Grails3. Significantly improved the application's distributed runtime performance that was caused by poor legacy code and flawed architectural decisions.
  • Frontend development: Implementation of various features and functionality in React. Ensured a consistent look and feel across all projects by creating a centralized repository and npm package that contains React components that are used across the app.
  • Node.js
  • React
High Five
Pepsi chooses Sofomo for cloud infrastructure and application development
Consumer App
PepsiCo is a global brand with over $80 billion in annual sales.
  • Architecture Design & Development: Designed and built the AWS infrastructure to run PepsiCo’s main customer facing application. Successfully achieved PepsiCo’s goals which include seamless deployments, scalability, high availability and cost effectiveness.
  • Customized Automation Server: Built a fully automated tool that allows for continuous integration and deployment, proper unit tests of every part of the application combined in a multi-level build & deployment process.
  • AWS
  • Java
  • Angular
High Five
Platform - $310M Funding
Recently Acquired
Global Brand
deep domain expertise

Engineering excellence on tap

We’re passionate practitioners of best-in-class engineering practices, having lived and breathed them for our entire careers - and for every kind of client. As your partner, we bring this experience and resolve with us when we join your team.


Containerized apps for deployments


Automation of delivery & deployment pipelines

Source Control

Git for simultaneous development

Open Source

Open source tools & libraries - don’t reinvent the wheel

Data Encryption

Security measures to ensure data protection


Architecture design in microservices

Cloud Infrastructure

Fully leverage cloud infrastructure services


Manage all resources from one place

Stateless Architecture

Rapidly scale, distribute & update services

Security Audits

Frequent end-to-end security checks

Health Checks

Automated health checks for all services

Error Logging

Application errors are automatically logged

On-Demand Resources

Scale automatically & pay only for what you use

Failure Alerts

Set alerts for system failures and attacks


What our ideal partners look like

If you just need devs for a short-term fix, we’re not the partner for you. But if you have ambitious goals, are determined to tackle them properly and value close collaboration — we’re your people. There’s nothing we can’t achieve together.

AI - Recently Acquired
"Sofomo has been instrumental in scaling our agile engineering team. Their engineers are top-notch high performers that supplement our local team in the Bay Area. I can’t recommend them enough."
Scott Golubock
Scott GolubockEngineering Lead
  • Backend Development: Architecture design and microservices development in Node.js and Grails3.
  • Frontend Development: Frontend implementation of various features in React and Typescript. Created a centralized repo and npm package to streamline the UI creation process.
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • TypeScript
  • RabbitMQ
  • MySQL
Top 200 Traffic Site
"We are delighted to work with Sofomo. They’ve provided us with a team of excellent engineers which has been a key enabler in our development execution. Sofomo engineers are smart and detail-oriented. They take pride in their work and deliver results!"
Jim Conning
Jim ConningVP Engineering
  • Architecture: Design and implementation of a decoupled monolothic architecture.
  • Devops: Introduced a scalable AWS Cloud infrastructure.
  • Frontend: Complete rewrite of the frontend in React with Redux for information flow.
  • React
  • Next.js
  • AWS
  • CloudWatch
  • Lambda
"It's great to have found a team of AWS engineers we can trust. Our Sofomo AWS engineers are key players in helping Panaseer build our Cloud offering. We were able to draw on their experience to advise and implement all of our needs."
John Sutherland
John SutherlandHead of Engineering
  • Devops: Design and development of the Panaseer AWS cloud infrastructure in CloudFormation and Terraform.
  • Frontend: Various feature implementations plus significantly improved the app performance by refactoring the state management.
  • Angular
  • NGRX
  • Nx
  • TypeScript
AR - $3 Billion Funding
"It’s a great pleasure working with Sofomo. They’ve played a pivotal role in helping us to build our augmented reality product. And Robert and Pete have been wonderful partners to drive it forward at each step."
Konrad Piascik
Konrad PiascikDirector of Software Engineering
  • Augmented Reality Development: Created an Augmented Reality UI Framework on top of React & React Native. Utilized React framework features to write one code for React Native & AR Devices.
  • React Native
Ecommerce - $200M Sales
"Musclefood partnered with Sofomo to augment our in-house engineering capacity. They’ve been fantastic partners, bringing with them endless knowledge, experience and engineering excellence."
William Cowell
William CowellHead of Engineering
  • Architecture: Design and re-architecture of the Musclefood architecture in microservices. Achieved significant performance and other benfits.
  • Backend: Implementaiton of the payment gateway, multi-country support, tax calculations & more.
  • Frontend: New frontend implementation in React.
  • Node.js
  • Magento
  • React
  • AWS
January Digital
NYC Digital Agency
"Sofomo always delivers! They make the January Digital family stronger with world-class data engineers that were impossible for us to find ourselves. We couldn’t imagine working with anyone else."
Matthew Nistor
Matthew NistorAnalytics Director
  • Data Import: Built automated data imports through Fivetran and AWS Lambda. Data imported from various channels including Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Pinetrest, etc.
  • Data Transformations: Implementation of advanced SQL logic (in Snowflake) that combines, partitions and compares data from various sources.
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • Fivetran