We support all types of consumer companies that strive to make our dailly lives better. This includes sectors such as financial, healthcare, social and marketplaces. Each business has their own set of technology challenges that we love to solve.
We’re drawn to enterprise companies who push the edge of what’s possible. Our clients span across the enterprise spectrum from security to data platforms, developer operations, apps, services, manufacturing, and beyond.

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“ Sofomo has been a fantastic development partner for Primex. They have allowed us to scale our team to meet our timelines. Our Sofomo Angular & Ruby developers have impressed us by not only achieving milestones but also improving code maintainability and performance along the way.”
Peter VeenhofDevelopment Manager, Primex
Primex is a leading Internet of Things tech provider that targets multiple markets.
  • Significantly improved the Ruby-based platform’s scalability & overall performance
  • Built an alternative pipeline in Ruby for processing large data sets
Technologies used
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Angular
  • AWS is the world's top online dictionary with billions of views per year.
  • Application rewrite to React.js
  • Leverage Redux.js for information flow
  • User experience & SEO improvements
  • Full site responsive implementation
Technologies used
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Redux
  • AWS
StaffBot is a fast growing healthcare recruiting platform.
  • Fully scalable iOS app designed & implemented with MVVM & Coordinators
  • Data loading performance boost by caching data with use of Core Data
Technologies used
  • iOS
  • Swift
  • AWS
  • API Development
“ Musclefood partnered with Sofomo to augment our in-house ecommerce engineering capacity. Sofomo delivers excellent work and demonstrate a depth of knowledge and experience in the solutions they build ranging from Magento to React.js & QA automation.
William CowellHead of Engineering, MuscleFood
MuscleFood is a leading British online food retailer with over £10 in funding.
  • Fully scalable infrastructure with multiple AWS services
  • Increased site performance through tuning
  • Combined Terraform & CloudFormation for spinning up dev environments in CI/CD
Technologies used
  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • RDS, ECS
  • Ansible

What our clients think

“ We could not have asked for a better development partner than Sofomo. Our Sofomo developers feel like a core part of our team - they are curious about us as a business and have a strong commitment to our success.”
“ We are very happy to work with Sofomo on the development of our platform. They have allowed us to scale up much faster than we were able to with local Vue.js developers. Sofomo is an investment that pays off every day!
“ We were referred to Sofomo by one of their happy clients. Sofomo has been exceeding our expectations ever since. Sofomo’s developers are excellent. The entire organization has proven to be dedicated to our success.”
“ We have been working with Sofomo for over 3 years now. They helped us with the application development as well as AWS architecture for a Fortune 50 company. You will not find a better group to work with.”
I've really enjoyed working with Sofomo! Thanks for everything you've done for us. We had a few external contractors working fo us since I've been at XQ and you are by far the best we've had.”
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