Skills & Experience

Vue.js & Frontend Technologies

Proficient in Vue.js, Vuex, JavaScript, HTML5 & more.

User-Facing Features with Vue.js

Experienced in developing user-facing features with Vue.js & building applications on top of RESTful API’s.

Full-Stack Skills

Full-stack skills & ability to code in multiple programming languages. Comfortable working on both the front & back-end.

Proven, High Performers

Proven Vue.js success for multiple applications. Excellent communication skills & a track record of solving difficult technical problems.

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Sofomo Vue.js Success Story
“ We are very happy to work with Sofomo on the development of our platform. They have allowed us to scale up much faster than we were able to with local Vue.js developers and at the same time, add valuable expertise to our team. Sofomo is an investment that pays off every day!”
Jan LimetFounder, GailiAI
GalilAI is an first-of-it's-kind data science as a service platform for the energy market.
  • Reusable Vue.js components
  • Optimization of styles, separate global & scoped css
  • Implemented component level unit tests
  • Common API layer separated from app logic
Technologies used
  • Vue.js
  • Vuex
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Managing Director
Founder & CEO
35+ years of combined development experience