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Sofomo is your trusted Vue Specialists development partner. Our tenacious Vue.js developers will become part of your team, helping to solve every frontend challenge you throw at them.

Skills & Experience

Vue.js & Frontend Technologies

Proficient in Vue.js, Vuex, JavaScript, HTML5 & more.

User-Facing Features with Vue.js

Experienced in developing user-facing features with Vue.js & building applications on top of RESTful API’s.

Full-Stack Skills

Full-stack skills & ability to code in multiple programming languages. Comfortable working on both the front & back-end.

Proven, High Performers

Proven Vue.js success for multiple applications. Excellent communication skills & a track record of solving difficult technical problems.

What happens next

Get aligned

We evaluate your needs and agree exactly what skill sets are required

Meet your devs

We work with you to decide exactly which Vue.js developers to bring in

Start the fun stuff

We embed our devs into your team so you can get going right away

sofomo Vue Specialists success stories
GalilAI chooses Sofomo for Vue devs
Vue Router
Data Science
GalilAI is an first-of-it's-kind data science as a service platform.
  • Data Visualization: Implemented numerous graphs and other types of data visualizations. Utilized highcharts to print all numerous types of graphs. Charts are “interactive” - users can change splits, ranges, data sources, activate various components and more.
  • Calculations: Pages include heavy calculations and data manipulation on the frontend site.
  • Reusable Components: Rewrote many pages into small reusable components. Removed duplicated code by introducing common UI elements.
Frontend Stack
  • Vue.js
  • VueX
  • Nuxt.js
  • Vue Router
  • NoSQL
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