Skills & Experience

React Native Technologies

Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactNative, Redux, Jest/Enzyme/Detox, custom React Native libraries & many more.

A Portfolio of Successful Apps

A track record of building complex React Native apps that have successfully shipped to the Apple or Google Play stores.

Advanced React Native Feature Development

Experienced in React Native development & integrations of the new components with other mobile libraries Android/iOS-based (including use of the custom reconciler).

Proven, High Performers

Excellent problem-solving skills including solving technical React Native problems from component level to custom native solutions & extending React Native libraries.

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Sofomo React Native Success Story
This confidential client is an early stage US manufacter with over $2 Billion in funding
  • Created Augmented Reality UI Framework on top of React & React Native
  • Utilized React framework features to write one code for React Native & AR Devices
Technologies used
  • React Native
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • React
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Managing Director
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35+ years of combined development experience