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Sofomo is your trusted Golang Specialists development partner. Our tenacious Golang developers will become part of your team, helping to solve every backend challenge you throw at them.

Skills & Experience

Golang & Other Technologies

Proficient in Golang, Gin Gonic, Beego, Docker & more.

Advanced Backend Golang Systems

Experienced in building distributed systems with performant APIs & developing complex Golang applications with microservices architecture.

Highly Scalable Golang Solutions

Experience with architectural patterns of large, high-scale web applications with a focus on performance, availability.

Proven, High Performers

Proven Golang success for multiple applications. Excellent communication skills & a track record of solving difficult technical problems.

What happens next

Get aligned

We evaluate your needs and agree exactly what skill sets are required

Meet your devs

We work with you to decide exactly which Golang developers to bring in

Start the fun stuff

We embed our devs into your team so you can get going right away

sofomo Golang Specialists success stories
Bizzby chooses Sofomo for Golang backend devs
Bizzby is a popular London based on-demand services app.
  • Phase 1 - Workers(scrapers) that receive data from various locations (over http, from db, from files) - written in Golang.
  • Phase 2 - Normalization service that prepares data to be inserted into db.
  • Phase 3 - Database service that stores all the data in Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL)
  • Phase 4 - GraphQL endpoint that can be used from frontend side. Here we can use search in the background to receive the data from RDS.
Backend Stack
  • Golang
  • AWS
  • ActiveMQ
  • GraphQL
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