Python Developer


Send your resume to [email protected]

We are looking for talented Python developers to work for one of our international clients. You will be a key contributor, helping to build high-performance, large-scale and safe distributed systems. You will be able to solution design, manage your own work and innovate.

We hire developers who are hungry to learn and keep up with the newest trends and want to build amazing solutions.

What You’ll Be Doing
  • Build robust, high-volume production applications primarily in Python.
  • Write server side code for cloud-based applications that leverage cutting edge distributed systems technologies.
  • Design, develop and deliver distributed engineering services and platforms.
  • Develop prototypes and contribute to architectural design discussions and technical decisions.
  • Work with enterprise customer capabilities (advanced APIs, user management, reporting structures).
Who You Are (Experience & Skills)
  • You have 4+ years of general software programming experience in any of these: Python, React, Node.js, PHP, Go, Python, Java, and wish to learn more.
  • You have experience with scalable web services infrastructure and know how to build reliable, high-performance, large-scale and safe distributed systems.
  • You are familiar with operating in a Cloud-based environment, preferably AWS, as well as have a good understanding of Containerization (Docker).
  • You have knowledge of API design principles, task management, databases, and caching.
Bonus Points
  • You have contributed to the open-source community.
  • You prefer to automate rather than operate.
  • You can share a story about a distributed system that you built/run/diagnosed or fixed.
  • You feel comfortable implementing front-end UI’s.
  • You have experience with algorithms, data structures, complexity analysis, and software design.
  • Front-end skills (JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, HTML/CSS).
How To Apply

To apply email [email protected] with the subject line “Python Developer”.

When applying please provide a resume and any links to your technical blog, github/bitbucket and other reviewable code examples.