Your international
development team.

Your own full-time, trusted & talented development team based in Poland.

Expand your development team internationally.

Scale fast with full-time, dedicated developers working from Sofomo's startup headquarters in Poland. We'll recruit and hire developers who meet your needs and integrate them seamlessly with your in-house group.

Poland has the most skilled
developers in Europe.

Top global technology companies including Google, Microsoft, Nokia, and IBM have all established offices in Poland over the past decade to tap into Poland's talent pool.

Polish developers have finished at the top of world programming competitions, including Google's Code Jam, Microsoft's Imagine Cup, Facebook Hacker Cup and TopCoder contest.

Warsaw Univerisity

Poland's strong educational system stresses science, math, and engineering at an early age, giving rise to a new generation of talented software developers who seek innovative and challenging projects.

The Warsaw University of Technology and Lodz University rank among the top technology universities in the world.

Poland is home to an emerging startup scene, with meetups, tech conferences and new software companies. The EU has spent billions of dollars to grow Poland's entrepreneurial sector, and the Polish private investment ecosystem is exploding.

Google recently opened 'Campus Warsaw' in the Polish capital as a space for entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and build companies that will change the world. Part of the Google for Entrepreneurs network, Campus Warsaw is a testament to Poland's emerging startup ecosystem.

Polish engineers don’t just integrate with your team’s workflow. They share your team's culture. With favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, your team can bond across oceans.

Turnkey development teams, built to last.

Sofomo streamlines the process of building an offshore team. We recruit and hire your team, manage payroll, and provide a startup-like work environment at our headquarters in Wroclaw, Poland. Sofomo clients typically retain their developers for numerous years, growing their team over time.

Select & Onboard Your Team

Receive resumes and in-depth profiles of candidates that match your criteria. Interview candidates over Skype and test candidates' skills. When you're ready, onboard each developer and plug them into your development process.

Grow Your Team

Start with a small team and grow over time. Sofomo clients typically have long-term working relationships with their developers, spanning multiple years. Clients have their developers visit their home office twice a year to work onsite for a week, which helps to develop camaraderie between offshore and in-home teams and strengthens their relationships.

Manage Your Team

Your team of Sofomo developers will work remotely from Sofomo's headquarters in Poland, on your schedule, participating in your daily scrum meetings and other activities. With modern communication technologies such as Skype, Slack and Google Hangout, your developers can function just like in-person members of your team.

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Our Story

How we started

While working for a San Francisco-based startup in 2007, Sofomo's founder Piotr Schumacher witnessed first-hand how difficult it was for Silicon Valley tech companies to hire local developers and quickly scale their teams.

Piotr started Sofomo in 2010 with a big idea: to empower innovative tech companies in Silicon Valley and across the world with access to Poland's growing and talented software development community.

Since Sofomo's launch, we've worked with startups, mid-tier and enterprise companies. We've developed a reputation among the local Polish development community as an outstanding place to work and a gateway to innovative companies.

We are now accepting new clients. We are interested in working with a select few innovative companies who want to scale their development teams with top talent. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

How we're different

Sofomo is not a traditional development shop with developers shared across multiple clients, building software solutions on a project-by-project basis. Sofomo provides a DEDICATED TEAM of developers that is fully integrated in clients' development process and managed by the client.

Sofomo streamlines the process of building an offshore team for clients. We recruit, hire, manage payroll and help integrate the newly formed team into each client's development process. Clients have direct relationships with their developers, which typically last for multiple years.

Another thing that makes Sofomo unique is its talent. Sofomo is plugged into Poland's large technical talent pool, which is comprised of top-tier developers who have a passion for solving technical problems.