What makes for great development?
Talent is only half the story.
Our proven approach
Your Sofomo developers join your team, working remotely from our headquarters in Poland. Your Sofomo devs participate in your daily scrum meetings and work alongside you just like in-house team members.
Our proven experience
We know what it takes for development teams to succeed from following strict agile development processes to setting up the right workflows, communication channels and development tools.
Our proven skills
We’re trusted experts with experience building advanced applications in the specific technology that you need, including Java, Ruby, PHP, iOS/Android, React.js, AWS, Python, ASP.net, Salesforce and more.
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Your offshore development playbook
Learn how to build, manage and scale a talented offshore/outsource development team.
How we make every client relationship a success

We’re your dedicated teammates, an extension of your in-house team

Dedicated teammates
Your Sofomo developers work directly with you, just as your in-house team would. They get to know your business, needs and they buy into your big goals.
You’re in control
Your Sofomo developers are fully under your control but without the unnecessary administration hassles and overhead costs.
Oversight & administration
Sofomo’s leaders Peter and Robert are your close partners, helping to oversee your developers and taking care of all administration issues.

We connect to you through the tools and apps you use every day.

Your development tools
Development tools such as Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket make seamless programming possible between your in-house and Sofomo developers.
Your task management tools
Task management tools such as Jira, Trello, Asana and Microsoft Teams makes it easy to plan and track development efforts between your in-house and Sofomo developers.
Your communication apps
Communication apps such as Slack, Skype and Zoom allow your Sofomo developers to function just like in-house members of your team.

We work together with you day by day, sprint by sprint.

Full collaboration with your in-house team
Your Sofomo developers participate in all of your development sprint meetings from daily standups to planning sessions & pair programming.
We adapt to your time zone and schedule
Your Sofomo developers adapt to your working hours to ensure productive cross-over working time.

Our knowledge is your power

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