Trusted & talented development teams.

We’re your development partner, helping you scale fast with your very own talented, full-time dev team.

We’re not your typical development company

Not all development companies are the same. Sofomo was built differently with a unique formula that will work for you.

Select clients

We’re not a traditional development shop with hundreds of engineers shared across multiple clients. We work with select, innovative clients and become their extended development partner.

Dedicated teams

Your Sofomo developers are dedicated 100% to you. They buy into your big idea and are solely focused on helping you achieve your ambitious goals.

24/7 account management

With Sofomo’s leaders based in San Francisco and Poland, you’ll have a direct line of communication to leadership at all times.

A partner who has your back

We buy into your big idea and partner with you to achieve your development goals. We typically work with our partner clients for years, helping them scale fast.

Simple, flexible contracts

You’re billed on a monthly basis, so you can scale your team as needed.

We become a part of your family

Most companies waste hundreds of hours to hire even a small team of developers. Say goodbye to one of the most challenging parts of software development — building an amazing and enduring team that delivers results.

Sofomo Engineer

Select your developers

Receive in-depth profiles of candidates, interview each candidate and decide who joins your team. Your Sofomo developers integrate seamlessly into your development process.


Manage your developers

Your development team will work from Sofomo's start-up like headquarters in Poland and function just like in-person members of your development group. Sofomo's leadership oversees your team, manages payroll, benefits and more.


Grow your team

Start with a small team and grow over time. Sofomo clients typically have long-term working relationships with their developers, spanning multiple years. Clients have their developers visit their home office twice a year to work onsite for a week, which helps to strengthen the bond between the in-house and Sofomo teams.

We cater to your unique development needs

We aren’t tied to a specific technology. We deliver talented teams across multiple technologies, from front-end to back-end to mobile.

  • Frontend: React, Angular, JavaScript
  • Backend: Ruby, Python, PHP, .NET, Node.js
  • Databases: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Mobile: iOS & Android app development
  • Other: Salesforce Development, Magento
I need a team to build highly scalable backend systems in Golang....
I want to hire a rock-star App development team...
I want a dedicated, offshore DevOps team...
We need talented Salesforce engineers...
We are looking to augment our in-house team with talented Python…