Go Developer - Distributed Systems


Send your resume to [email protected]

We are looking for a strong Go developer to work for our client, a Silicon Valley, USA startup that is revolutionizing serverless computing. The company’s platform is used by thousands of companies across the world.

You will be responsible for developing new, innovative features and solving many challenges associated with distributed systems running at scale.

Our client uses Go for its back-end services. You should have Go programming experience or be very experienced in C, C++ or a similar language. This is an excellent opportunity to work for a fast-paced and innovative company. You will have a major impact on the company and will learn new technologies and improve your skills.

What You’ll Be Doing
  • Build robust, high-volume production applications primarily in Go.
  • Write server side code for cloud-based applications that leverage cutting edge distributed systems technologies.
  • Design, develop and deliver distributed engineering services and platforms.
  • Develop prototypes and contribute to architectural design discussions and technical decisions.
Who You Are (Experience & Skills)
  • You can share a story about a distributed system that you built/run/diagnosed or fixed.
  • You have 4+ years of general software programming experience in any of these languages: Go, C/C++ or Java.
  • You have experience with scalable web services infrastructure and know how to build reliable, high-performance, large-scale and safe distributed systems.
  • You are familiar with virtualization technology, Container Ecosystem, and especially Docker.
  • You have deep experience with concurrency and other highly scalable approaches.
What You’ve Accomplished (at least one of these)
  • You’ve designed & implemented distributed application and can provide clear examples.
  • You’ve designed and optimized a scalable, robust microservice that runs at scale and can provide an example.
  • You have contributed to critical parts of an open source project.
Bonus Points
  • You have contributed to the open-source community.
  • You prefer to automate rather than operate.
  • You’ve built a solution for event processing and event handling for distributed systems and can provide a clear example.
How To Apply

To apply email [email protected] with the subject line “Go Developer - Distributed Systems”.

When applying please provide a resume and any links to your technical blog, github/bitbucket and other reviewable code examples.