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Sofomo works with a select few clients, providing them with a remote team of dedicated top-tier software engineers. Founded in 2010 as a new breed of strategic partner for startups and growing businesses, Sofomo will provide you with a dedicated engineering team that assimilates directly into your product development group.

Sofomo’s engineers specialize in web and mobile development, application development and back-end infrastructure. We are based in Wroclaw, Poland and San Francisco, USA. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Accepting new clients starting summer 2015.

5 Years
24 Engineers
138k Man Hours
100% Client Satisfaction


Oakland, CA

We are delighted to work with Sofomo on our web development projects. They have provided a team of highly capable engineers which have been a key enabler in our execution. The engineers are smart and detail oriented. They take pride in their work and deliver on time and according to spec. Sofomo is a key partner to us in realizing our business goals.

Jim Conning
SVP Engineering

San Francisco, CA

As a non-technical founder, I need software developers who can not only help make my ideas a reality, but also be a part of my team and share the same enthusiasm, commitment and dedication that I do. Sofomo has been an excellent solution for GoMahalo. I have two dedicated Sofomo developers who have far exceeded my expectations and helped GoMahalo grow from a simple idea into a real business.

Robert Hogeboom
Founder & CEO, GoMahalo, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

We retained two Sofomo developers for assistance on several development projects. Sofomo’s hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded our expectations. We have worked with several development outfits, and we would definitely recommend Sofomo for your development assistance needs.

Ian Duggan
Co-founder & CEO, Anything Social Inc.


A new generation of top engineering talent

If you ask a Polish software engineer what his favorite programming language is, you will get answers such as Ruby, Java and Angular.js. If you ask a Polish software engineer about his education, the response is often a PHD in Computer Science from one of Poland's top rated technology universities. And finally, if you ask a Polish software engineer about his favorite television shows, the answers will range from Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad. Such is the Polish software developer: extremely smart, trained at a top technology university, English speaking with a dry and witty sense of humor.

Poland is home to a new generation of talented software engineers who are ready to take on difficult technology challenges. They speak Agile and Scrum and are familiar with modern frameworks. Polish engineering teams have finished at the top of world programming competitions, including Google’s Code Jam, Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, Facebook Hacker Cup and TopCoder contest. These accomplishments have led to a number of global technology companies (such as Google, Microsoft, Nokia, IBM and more) establishing offices in Poland. In addition, Poland has a growing startup scene with meetups, tech conferences and new software companies emerging throughout the country.

The primary catalyst for Poland's emergence on the tech scene is the Polish educational system, which is extremely strong in math and engineering. Each year, skilled software engineers graduate from Poland’s reputable technology universities. In particular, the Warsaw University of Technology and Lodz University rank among the top technology universities in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sofomo different?

Unlike most software development agencies that are siloed from your team and build applications on your behalf, Sofomo will provide you with top-talent engineers who work directly on your team.

Sofomo developers work on your schedule, day-to-day and participate in all aspects of your development process from planning to development, scrum meetings and code releases.

Your Sofomo developers will work from Sofomo’s headquarters in Wroclaw, Poland. You will manage each developer and have direct access to them via Skype, email, phone or whatever communication preference you choose.

A project coordinator, based in our San Francisco office will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your experience with Sofomo is successful.

Will Sofomo developers be dedicated only to my team?

Yes. Your Sofomo developers will be dedicated to your business only. They will work exclusively with you and not other Sofomo clients.

How do I communicate with my developers?

Your Sofomo developers will work from Sofomo’s headquarters in Wroclaw, Poland. You will have direct access to your developers via Skype, email, phone or whatever communication preference you choose. Your Sofomo developers will use your project management tool (i.e., Redmine, Basecamp, Jira, etc.).

Sofomo engineers are fluent in multiple languages including English.

How many developers can I hire?

You can hire a single developer or hire a team of developers. Contact us to learn more.

How long has Sofomo been in business?

We started 5 years ago. Over this time we have focused primarily on a single client in the Silicon Valley, providing them with a large group of dedicated engineers. We are accepting new clients starting in the summer of 2015.

What is your cost?

Sofomo charges a monthly fee per developer that you hire. Our rates are extremely competitive. Contact us to learn more.

Where are you located?

We have offices in Wroclaw, Poland and San Francisco. Your Sofomo software engineers will work from our headquarters in Wroclaw, Poland. Wroclaw is the thriving tech hub in Poland with both big and startup tech companies. Your project coordinator is based in San Francisco.

Poland has a wide pool of technical talent who graduate from top Polish technology universities. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung and IBM all have offices in Poland. Polish developers have an extremely strong work ethic, are familiar with working in agile environments and are fluent in modern frameworks.

What skills can I hire?

Web Development: PHP developers, JavaScript developers, Python developers, Ruby developers, HTML5/CSS, .NET developers.

Software Development: Java developers, ObjectiveC developers, C/C++ programmers

Mobile Applications Development: iOS & Android developers

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